1. What is the minimum term or investment horizon?

We ask for a minimum term of 6 months for any type of investment with Monex Asset Management, Inc. and that one contemplate a medium to long term investment horizon.

2. What is the minimum amount to open an Investment account?

In order to open a n investment account, a minimum amount of $300,000 USD or it’s equivalent in another currency, is required.

3. How can I check my position and my balance on the Internet?

Please ask your sales representative for assistance on how you may access your account online through

4. In what type of instruments and markets can I invest?

We offer a wide variety of instruments depending on your investment profile and we have access to the most important world markets:

- Debt Market
- Eurobonds
- American Treasury Bonds (T-Bills, T-Notes, T-Bonds)
- Government Agency Bonds
- Certificates of Deposit
- Capital Markets
- Listed Shares
- OTC Shares
- ETF’s (Exchange Trade Funds)
- Investment Funds from the most important family of funds

For a detailed explanation of our investment alternatives please contact your sales representative.

5. What are the requirements and how can I get a checking account and a debit card?

To obtain a Master Card debit card from Pro Cash, a corresponding format must be filled out and a minimum amount of $25,000 cash or marginable securities or the combination of both is initially required at your Pershing account. There is no minimum amount required by Pershing to be maintain in the account, although Pershing reserves the right to request funds at their discretion.

You can obtain a checking account which in the case Monex Securities, Inc. is issued by Mellon Trust of New England N.A. and the fund are withdrawn directly from your investment account.

The only requirement is to fill out the corresponding application which normally takes about 30 days to process. The checking account has no cost; however the minimum amount for check writing is $100.00.

Please contact your account executive for more detailed information on these services.

6. Where is my investment?

Our custodian is Pershing LLC and is a member of The Bank of New York Securities Group and a subsidiary of The Bank of New York, who has equity capital of $ 8 billion and total assets of almost $90 billion.

Their Physical address is at:
One Pershing Plaza
Jersey City, NJ 07399 USA

7. Why aren’t the agreements in Spanish?

By SEC regulations, it is required that the agreements be signed in English. However, we do have a copy translated into Spanish which we can provide to you as reference.

8. Does Monex Asset Management, Inc. have offices in the United States? Where are they located? Can I visit their offices at any time?

The main offices of Monex Asset Management, Inc. are located in the Downtown area of Houston Texas at the following address:

Monex Asset Management, Inc.
440 Louisiana Street Suite 1240
Houston TX, 77002

Monex Asset Management, Inc.
350 Tenth Ave Suite 1000
San Diego, CA 92101

Our main phone line is: (713) 877 8234
For Houston dial 0
For San Antonio dial Extensions 6640 or 6641